The farm activities

Friendly farm animals everywhere

In the barns and nearby fields there are ponies, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats and pets galore – all great favourites with those who visit us year after year. Who’ll be your favourite?

Bottle feeding baby animals

Often there will be piglets, lambs and calves to entertain you and sometimes they require bottle-feeding. If you’re lucky enough to time it with your visit, you will simply adore this experience.

Hatching chicks

Perhaps you’ll see a chick hatch from the incubator – you can certainly choose an egg to pop in there. Sometimes we lose track of a free-range chicken and it’s only when we hear her little chicks chirping that we realise she’d gone all broody on a clutch of eggs – then we have fun trying to catch them and pop them somewhere safe!

Freedom for children and helping with the farm jobs

You’ll adore the freedom of Higher Trevinnick as well as the company of Farmer James! Children are encouraged to feed and care for the animals, walk the dogs, collect the eggs, stroke a pig, and generally help with jobs in the farmyard. Grooming and riding the pony, having a tractor ride and simply playing on the farm are wonderful diversions for them whilst you relax or prepare for your day out – that’s if you’re not out enjoying the farm too!

An educational farm holiday experience

Involving yourself in the animals’ daily care and routine is not only enjoyable (you’ll have become rather fond of them by the end of your holiday), but it’s educational too. Maybe it’s time to tag the piglets ears when you visit, or bring in the cows for worming and feet checking? The farrier, equine dentist or veterinary visits always prove fascinating and many of our animals are the topic of conversation months after your visit, often appearing in future school projects. Farmer James loves sharing his knowledge of the local countryside and wildlife too.

Get away from it all – nature trail, farm walks and picnics

Higher Trevinnick Farm is designed to accommodate all – from child-friendly animal enclosures and secluded areas around the farm for that “get away” feeling. Tackle our farm nature trail, enjoy pleasant walks through the fields down to the river, or take a picnic out into the fields! The profusion of wild flowers in the hedgerows and the abundance of wildlife in its natural habitat is so relaxing after a days beaching or sightseeing. Most of the farm is accessible on foot including with kiddies buggy – just check with Farmer James where his herd of Aberdeen Angus cows and horses are otherwise you may have unwanted guests joining you!

‘Sporting activities’ on the farm, garden and outdoor games, swings and even a pirate ship!

In the communal Fox Den garden there is a triple swing which the children love to play on together as they watch the farm animals in the nearby fields. There is also a quaint wooden wendy house nestled under an apple tree and a pirate ship which the younger children love to play on – their imagination fantastic to see!

In this rural idyll we find the children like to open one of the barn gates and play badminton or tennis in the farmyard using the gate as a make-do net on a make-do court (which actually works incredibly well with some make-do rules)! Cricket works quite well there too and the basketball hoop is also a firm favourite (but be careful not to hit Jessie the pony on the head or let the dogs get your ball as they will pop it)! The adjoining barn contains many buckets and spades for children to borrow for their trip to the beach – if you can drag them away from the farm that is!